Welcome to the Securely Holdings Corporate Centre, presenting an opportunity to secure International Licensing IP Rights or SAAS of Securely the Tradies App and Securely platform.

Online peer-to-peer sales have grown exponentially in the past few years, with Facebook Marketplace recently achieving 1 billion users in a single month during December 2022.

This high-potential, emerging software solution and web-based application addresses a $200 billion global fraud problem in peer-to-peer provision of services or private sales of goods online.

About Securely Holdings Pty Ltd

Securely® has been built to protect online transactions between buyers and sellers by providing a secure payment and first-in-kind dispute resolution process.

Whether it be a contractor, their customers, someone buying a couch, or even a watch on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, using Securely® means you won’t be ripped off.

Securely® addresses a rising issue of misrepresentation and fraud between private sellers and private buyers of anything online.
Australia has $30 Billion per year of transactions between buyers and sellers of second-hand motor vehicles alone. Rarely does a day go by where you don’t see an expose in a newspaper of a purchaser or seller that has been ripped off for tens of thousands of dollars.

International Licencing and SAAS Opportunities

Available Countries:

India, United States, United Kingdom, EU Countries (singular or collective EU Licence), New Zealand, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Pakistan, Argentina, and South Africa.

25-year IP Rights to a country will be subject to an upfront payment for the initial licence and ongoing trailing fees based on gross turnover.

Potential licensees are invited to contact us at

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