Sell Securely has issued a warning about inheritance scams which it says are on the rise.

Consumers have been told to “watch out” for unexpected letters in the mail, which may be postmarked from an overseas address.

The letters, which may purport to be from a law firm, appear to be aimed at prompting the recipient to claim a deceased person’s life insurance.

Rob Neely, Founder of has warned these letters may be fake, and that scammers will often impersonate lawyers, bankers and foreign officials.

“You will lose time and money chasing money that doesn’t exist,” Neely said.

Inheritance scams are often elaborate, with fake bank statements, birth certificates and other documents used to make it seem real.

“They will say you have a large inheritance from a distant relative or wealthy person,” Neely said.

“You will be asked to pay a series of fees, charges or taxes and send personal information and documents to get the money.”

Scammers may also send out a court order claiming someone is a beneficiary, and ask them for personal information or money to make a claim.

Rob Neely Said “There is no free money,”

“You will lose more money trying to get it.”